Why choose Keeley Pest Control?

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The professional exterminators at Keeley Pest Control ask the right questions and look in all the right places to really understand each customer’s pest control needs. We know that everybody’s situation is different and needs different care and treatment.  We are here to solve your problems long term, not just to spray and move on to the next job. Many large companies have one way they do it, and that's it.  But we know that "one size does not fit all." Because we are a small, local company, we build our solutions around the specific pest control treatment requirements for your home, business, or rental property.

Our positive reviews and repeat business from customers let us know that our clients appreciate our affordable, reliable pest inspection, control, treatment, extermination, and abatement.

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We Guarantee our Work
We guarantee no pests for 30 days after spraying for ants, spiders, and other common pests.
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Fast and Immediate Results 
When you call or text (208) 465-5351 or complete our contact form, we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a problem, large or small, and you need a quick response, we’re ready to act.
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Professional & Reliable
We provide professional attention and respect to all of our customers, from the owner of the most modest apartment to our largest commercial clients.
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Locally Owned and Operated
We are a local company that cares about our customers and the community we serve.
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Family and Pet Friendly Solutions
We offer a selection of pest control solutions that are safe for your family and pets.

We know how to help you from start to finish including taking the time to describe the big picture as well as the details of your pest control plan.

Most exterminator franchise companies say they can do anything, and often leave their customers dissatisfied with the cookie-cutter solutions they provide. At Keeley Pest Control, we customize our treatment for *your* problem, and we’re here for any needed follow-up. We even offer affordable monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and custom maintenance plans.

Sometimes long-term pest control solutions require additional home services. We can recommend other small, knowledgeable, local companies that you can trust for extra services that we don’t provide. For example, if we identify that rodents or birds are getting into a garage through a broken garage door seal or door panel, we might suggest you work with the experts at Blue House Specialities to finish the pest prevention and abatement treatment. 

Call us at (208) 465-5351 and we would be happy to answer any further questions or make an appointment.
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What Our Customers are Saying

"Pest control services are something the majority of homeowners overlook until they're presented with a very noticeable issue! Personally I've seen how larger corporate pest control entities operate from the inside and out. More often than not, there is very minimal if any face-to-face help or customer service available. Aside from professional product, application and efficiency, Keeley Pest Control puts customer service first and is always responding immediately to any questions/concerns or feedback you may have. This company will most certainly continue to grow here in Idaho.”

-S. Wood, Boise, ID