Bedbug and Flea Pest Control Treatment in Boise, ID
Bedbug and Flea Pest Control Treatment in Boise, ID

Affordable Bedbug and Flea Pest Control Treatment in Boise, ID

Big companies often try to sell you a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Because Keeley Pest Control is a local, professional pest control company, we first inspect your property to determine the best method to eliminate bedbugs and fleas. We understand how local environmental conditions affect bedbug and flea populations, so we know how to stop an infestation and keep your property pest-free for the long term. Let your pets back into the house, and don’t be afraid to let them lie down on your own bed!
Bedbug Inspection in Meridian Idaho
Bedbug Inspection in Meridian Idaho

Bedbug Inspection

When renting a furnished home through VRBO or Air Bnb, it may be necessary to have a bedbug inspection periodically to ensure that your beds and rooms are safe for the many different customers staying in your rooms.  It is common for bedbugs to hop onto luggage at one hotel and get off in another hotel.  It is easy for a bedbug infestation to spread from one location to another through no fault of the carriers.  

We provide affordable bedbug inspections and treatments, which will most likely be less than the refunds you will have to give back if your customers report they suffered from bedbugs in your home.  

We inspect:
  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • VRBOs
  • Air BnBs
  • Any location where bedbugs and/or fleas are suspected!

We are experts at selecting the best bedbug and flea treatment and control for your situation, even when you need natural, organic pest control that other companies can’t provide.  

When getting bedbug and flea treatment and removal services, we know that price is also an issue when choosing a home service provider. Call (208) 465-5351 to find out about our low, affordable flea and bedbug exterminator costs.  We provide residential and commercial bedbug removal and treatment services to Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Star, Eagle, Idaho, and all surrounding areas.

For AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE PEST CONTROL SERVICES in Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Boise, Eagle, Middleton and all over the Treasure Valley call or text (208) 465-5351.
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